Monday, July 11, 2016

Tailoring Your Personal Brand

Now that you’ve decided to fine-tune your personal brand, you’re probably wondering where to start. You don’t have to wear the same sweater and jeans every day like Mark Zuckerberg- just make a few style adjustments. First and foremost, decide what message your wardrobe should send. While no one word can describe you entirely, pick the one you want most to express and build your personal brand around that.

Creativity: Show creativity by mixing patterns and colours, and be the first to experiment with new styles. In the office this might mean incorporating an interesting brooch or bracelet into your professional wear. For after hours, try something like this Trafic dress by Luc Fontaine. It’s playful and chic, just like you!

Strength: Choose close-fitting outfits in strong colours. Traditional suits are black for a reason; people associate it with power, even in casual wear. We don’t mean head-to-toe black everyday; bold hues will actually help sharpen your image. The neon offset panel in this tailored tank(56585) make the top (and you) more vibrant.

Serenity: To appear calm and collected, rely on both shape and colour. Avoid fussy outfits with complicated straps in favor of classic silhouettes, and choose cool shades of blue, green, and pink. We like this fresh, modern sheath(16S342) from Michael Tyler. It says you’re low key and relaxed, but still in touch with fashion.

Come talk to our stylists at Anne’s on the Avenue. We’re looking forward to helping you build your personal brand!

Thursday, July 7, 2016

Fashion For The Hottest Days

Is your closet ready for summer? We’re heading into the hottest month of the year here in Ontario, and you don’t want to be smothered in heavy knits. At Anne’s on the Avenue, we have just the right outfits to keep you feeling as cool as you look.

If you’re looking for something low-key, Habitat is the brand to get you through the summer. Their distinctive crinkle-knit pieces are a comfortable blend of fun and fashion. Look at the easy sophistication of this tank (h25317). Neutral colours keep it simple while the pieced-together panels and loosely scalloped hem add interest.

The sporty stylista should take a look through our selection of Dexim Golfwear tanks and skorts, like these (16202/16341). Dexim also carries great tank dresses, but if you’re interested in wearable style skorts are a trendy option. The whole line is made with high-quality athletic fabrics for comfort, and the sharp design sense will make these your new favourite casual wear.

For the woman who likes to look a little more chic but doesn’t want to swelter in sweaters, chiffon is the way to go. We carry a beautiful selection of chiffon-covered tanks, like this one from Frank Lyman Design (56216). The best thing about this is how beautiful and showy it with while still being sneakily comfy.

Don’t forget the accessories! Anne’s on the Avenue has the handbags and jewelry to keep your casual looks at the head of the pack. Visit us in person or online!

Monday, July 4, 2016

Friday to Sunday Fashion

Where are you headed this weekend? Will you be relaxing with friends, working on your backswing, or taking a well-deserved trip out of town? Whatever your plans, we have the outfits to take you there in style.

Casual chic: If you want a casual look that’s a bit trendier than a t-shirt, look to Michael Phillips’ Spring collection. This snuggly blue and white shirt is fun and easy. We love the darker offset trim around the closure line and hems. The sleeves can be left down or buttoned up as you prefer, and the panels around the lower hem give it a playful swing.

Fashionably Fit: Ladies with a more active schedule can find the ultimate in sporty style in Dexim Golwear’s line of high-end women’s sport wear. We suggest this collared outfit in a sleek monochrome print. The dress has a little surprise- the bottom is actually shorts! It’s made of a quality lightweight material that can stand up to active use without wearing or looking slouchy.

Easy Elegance: Going out with a special someone, or just feel like looking nice for yourself? You can always trust Frank Lyman to deliver sophisticated looks that are easy to wear. Why not indulge in this Milan print maxi dress? It looks as nice in a lakeside restaurant as it does out on the water.

Let Anne’s supply the clothing and accessories to help you turn heads wherever your weekend takes you. Stop by our Ontario store or shop online!

Thursday, June 23, 2016

Summer Wedding Style

June and July are the biggest months for weddings in North America. Most of us have at least one (maybe more!) events planned this summer. At Anne’s on the Avenue, we have the best selection of formal wear to carry you through your summer schedule.

If you want a classic little black dress, Michael Phillips will keep you cool with this fun, flirty number (6M3397). It has a demure tank top that shows a teensy peek of skin through the teardrop cutout. The length is perfect: just above the knee with a gentle flare for shape. What makes this a great choice for a wedding is the stylish lace overlay that keeps it on trend.

For a sweet sophistication, turn this beautifully layered dress from Frank Lyman (68192). It takes a skilled designer to layer a top like this without obscuring shape. Fortunately, Lyman is one of the best in Canada. He uses lightweight chiffon to create movement while making the fabric cling to your shape. The colour is rose quartz, one of Pantone’s colours of the year.

Looking for something a little more playful? Luc Fontaine has several incredible dresses in this year’s collection. We recommend his floral print Yoko dress for summer weddings. The sleeves aren’t quite cap sleeves, but they give the same impression while showing a little extra skin.

Besides dresses, Anne’s on the Avenue also carries accessories to complete your outfit. Stop by our East Point Trails store for help from one of our knowledgeable staff!

Monday, June 20, 2016

Think Beyond the Green

Don't be fooled by the name: Dexim Golfwear can take you more places than just the putting green! The brand was created in response to a demand for ladies sportswear that was both fashionable and functional. It features high quality durable fabrics and fashion-forward patterns that let it stretch to most areas of your life.

The tanks from the collection are a summer must-have. They have a playful sophistication that carries beyond the country club. Take this fun tank (16202/P28) for example. Close-cut arm holes and side darts prevent the bagginess found in other sportswear. The hem falls low enough to work for golf or tennis without overbalancing an outfit.


Dexim's line of modern skorts is impressively flexible. They've been making their way into magazines from Canada to the UK. Skorts are tailored shorts with a panel over them which gives the appearance of a skirt. These aren't the baggy skorts you might remember from childhood; they're sleek, stylish, and eye-catching. The scrolling print on this monochrome print piece (16351) is perfect for a casual lunch date with a special someone.


Planning a shopping trip? Stand out from the pack in this sporty collared dress (16805/R19). The red stripes break up the black and white for a modern yet approachable feel. No one would guess this same dress is just at home on a tennis court!

Don’t hide your favourite Dexim fashions away. Ask our staff at Anne’s on the Avenue for advice on how to work them into your daily wardrobe!

Thursday, June 16, 2016

Building Your Best Shape

When people think about dressing for their shape, they often jump to hiding what they see as their “problem areas”. Fashion isn’t concerned with problem areas, though; fashion is all about proportion. No matter what you’re self-conscious about, the right outfit can turn it into an asset. It’s all about building balance into your silhouette. Follow these easy steps for your body type.

Long and lean: The goal here is to build curves. This can be done with layers, ruffled tops, or even dresses with ruching. Dresses and long jackets with cinches on the sides will give you instant curves. This sunny layered chiffon tank (61609) will add shape, movement, and interest.

Apple-shaped: Choose styles that elongate your body and accentuate your waist. Deep V-necks, straight-leg or boot-cut pants, monochrome prints, shorter skirts, and structured jackets all create a longer profile. This vest by Luc Fontaine is perfect for this: it has a deep neckline and the buttons create the illusion of a narrowed waist.

Pear-shaped: Show off your waist and add volume to your top half. Look for tops that end right above your waist. Keep your pants dark and play with lighter colours and bright prints on your upper body. Boat necks and shallow scoops are flattering. If you prefer sweaters, keep them close-fitting and light coloured like this one from Alison Sheri (A27065).

Need help? Stop by Anne’s on the Avenue in the East Point Trails Plaza for help creating the right silhouette for you! 

Monday, June 13, 2016

The Perfect Pairing For Your Perfect Fit

When it comes to timeless fashion and quality, Rafinalla’s Perfect Fit pants live up to their name. The Montreal-based brand uses innovative patterning techniques to create a slimming silhouette. Whichever style you choose, Perfect Fit pants are designed to make you appear one size smaller. The wrong kind of top can hide this effect, though.

If you’re wearing straight leg trousers you don’t want to obscure your waistline with extra fabric. Much of the Rafinalla structuring in trousers is through the waist and hips. Instead, pick a button-up blouse or a top that stops above your hips. This jersey knit top by Frank Lyman (56409) is a great example. The hem length shows off the details of your favourite Rafinallas.

Narrow-leg pants or long leggings have more room for loose play. The structuring there is more distributed throughout the leg, so you won’t lose anything with a more draped top. This Elena Wang top (EW16010) has an easy sophistication to it which complements the smooth lines of Rafinalla leggings.

When it comes to capris, you have a lot more leeway. Both fitted sweaters and loose blouses work when you have a stretch of leg showing. You can also play to the retro trend with something from Papa Fashions, like this fun tunic (T1499). Red is one of the season’s hottest colours, and paisley is an emerging summer trend.

Need to get your own Rafinallas? Let the trained staff at Anne’s on the Avenue find your Perfect Fit!