Monday, March 4, 2013

Creating a Capsule Wardrobe.

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By Anne Waters

If you find yourself staring into your closet each morning with no idea what to wear, though you have tons of clothes, creating a capsule wardrobe can simplify your life.  A capsule wardrobe consists of a small number of core items that you can mix and match for a variety of different looks.  To create a capsule wardrobe that meets your needs, you must first decide which elements are essential to create your signature look. 

Remember That Less is More

You've already seen that owning many items does not make it easier to find something to wear.  With the capsule wardrobe, you will pare down your current wardrobe to make the decision-making process easier and add any pieces that you need to fill in.  While it may seem like a foreign concept first, you'll soon see that a capsule wardrobe will attractively make getting dressed each day much simpler.  A truly successful capsule wardrobe focuses on fewer quality pieces, instead of a large quantity of cheap items.

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Decide on Your Colours

The beauty of the capsule wardrobe is that everything you wear revolves around two, or three colors of items that you can easily mix and match.  Choose two basic colours as your foundation.  Consider black and tan, brown and tan, or navy and gray.  Everything else you buy should compliment either or both of your foundation colors.  Select white and cream for timeless options that match any foundation color.  Opt for red, pink, purple, or yellow to add a splash of colour to your ensemble.

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Select Your Pieces Carefully

Consider your daily activities when you determine which pieces to include in your capsule wardrobe.  Do you live a casual life with only an occasional need to dress up? Then, you should look for quality trousers in your foundation colours that can mix and matched with sweaters and tops.  Maybe you work in an office five days per week and dress down only on weekends? Then, you need to look for structured suiting where skirts and trousers can easily be mixed match with jackets, sweaters, and blouses.  This is where you can assess your lifestyle and build the wardrobe that works for you.

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Avoid Fads that are too Trendy

Instead of following fads, or rushing out to buy the latest item featured in your favorite fashion magazine, focus your attention on choosing timeless classics in tailored styles.  A successful capsule wardrobe relies on fashions that remain stylish over time, include a modern blouse, or scarf from season to season to update your look rather than having to toss the item out since it is no longer stylish.

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Suggested Items

A true capsule wardrobe has a foundation of no more than 10 to 15 pieces.  Two pairs of slacks, two skirts, one pair of jeans, one blazer, one pullover sweater, one cardigan, two button-up blouses, two plain t-shirts, and two dresses will give you plenty of pieces to work with.  European women have embraced this method of dressing for ages, and they always look pulled together and elegant.

Choosing Shoes and Accessories

While shoes accessories will allow you to really change up your look, your foundation pieces should include two pairs of flats, two pairs of  heels and one pair of boots.  Add two belts, two scarves, and two purses, and you're ready to go.  Keep your jewelry simple, as well for maximum versatility.  

A capsule wardrobe is a necessary for every woman so that she has a solid foundation of items that allow her to be stylish in a moment notice.  If you are not shopper or if you are just beginning in your career or have limited budget, this style advises is what European women have been following for decades.  And European women are known for their timeless savvy style....

Remember your best style is confidence.